Original greek salad recipe

I introduce you the most known Greek appetizer and one of the most famous summer delicacy around the world. The original recipe of the ancient, divine, tasteful, one and only Greek Salad. The Original greek salad recipe.
A simple and inexpensive healthy dish for your family and friends.

Don’t eat this salad in the winter. You spoil the mood! And the tomatoes and cucumbers are not winter vegetables. Eat every food at its season.

I have seen many online “Original greek salad recipes” but none was the original.
The one you eat in Greek houses within Greece.
The best, the original (not chef mush), the special salad that you want a tone of fresh bread to dive into.

You will need.
– A half cup of tea virgin olive oil.
Any top quality Mediterranean olive oil will do but the best is from a city called Kalamata very close to Sparta. So special you can actually drink it!
– 6 to 10 olives (same quality as your oil – I suggest “throumba” kind of olives).
– 2 organic tomatoes (in Greek “ntomates”)
– 1 organic cucumber (in Greek “agouri”)
– The half of a fresh green pepper  (in Greek “pipergia”)
– A brave piece of feta cheese.
– An onion (find one that is a bit sweet, not very intense at its smell and taste)
– About a large spoon of grated oregano (fresh or dry). In Greek it is called “rigani”.
– Some salt (not much, less than a small spoon)

The best products you use the best salad you will create.

Wash the vegetables perfectly.
Cut the tomatoes into vertical slices. Not very thin, not very thick. About the thickness of a man’s finger.
Cut the cucumber in slices. Thick as half a man’s finger.
Cut the onion to washers or slices. Whatever.
Put everything in a deep plate including the vegetables, the salt and most of the oil.
Mix very gently. Don’t destroy the vegetables!
Put the piece of the cheese above everything.
Throw the rest of the oil on the feta cheese.
Put the olives around the plate (inside the plate though).
With your three fingers, rub the oregano on the salad.

There you are. Eat it fresh. Or drop it. Don’t keep it in the freeze. It gets wasted.
You made for you and your company a perfect original Greek salad.
Directly from Mykonos island straight to your table.
Accompany it with fresh bread or quality rusk.
And a good “ouzo” or Cretan “raki” or Thessaly “tsipouro” for drink.

Feel free to experiment with quantities and find what suits you.
Practice makes perfect.
Enjoy and let me know if you liked it!

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