Olympians against racism

Every once and a while something happens to remind the world that some people treat bad to other races (racism) while others are sensitive and caring (?).

An incident that happened to a young female athlete from Greece during the Olympic Games offered me food for thought.

It goes like this:
This summer in Greece we had some cases with the mosquito of West Nile virus. So you may say that this fact itself generates news (and exaggerations), gossip, tweets. And the  23-year-old committed an inelegant tweet.
She wrote:

“With so many Africans living in Greece, the West Nile mosquitoes must feel like dining at home”.

The result of this tweet was the expulsion of the athlete from the Olympic team by the Greek committee because “she showed no respect for the basic Olympian value“.

If we face this as a unique incident i will say that personally i am against the expulsion of the athlete. I believe that the racist in this case is not the athlete but the decision of the expulsion itself. If the West Nile was located in Sweden and the comment was about the Swedish, not even a nostril wood bleed as they say in my country.
That is to say no committee would punish the athlete for racism.
We are trained to face Africans like aliens and when someone happens to speak with some kind of humor about the “black” color, every sensitive organization plays chess with impressive press releases.

A friend on twitter, with tones of humor, tweeted after the incident: “With so many Romanians in Greece, the vampires will feel like dining at home“.
That`s how we should face the doomed tweet. As a pure joke.


Ok. We are used to committees behaviors like this.
But what about the twitter community?
Web is supposed to be a healthy and democratic environment where racism and violence have no place. Something looks strange here.
I have searched and think i found it.

500.000 among about 5.500.000 Greek voters supported the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party (Chrisi Avgi) and they entered the parliament for the first time in their history. The Olympic committee chief leads a left-winged party so he and his team had an “official” chance to express their feelings – and the feelings of a large part of the Greeks i must say- against Nazism and racism and be heard outside the country. The athlete has shown support to the specific extreme party with recent  tweets so the social community knows better of her political beliefs.

I conclude with this as a verdict:
It does n`t matter what someone says but who says it. You can share jokes for Africans, Chinese or Greeks unless you are a fascist, even if you don`t always have offending purposes. Then your opinions adopts racist perfume.

My advice: Keep your political beliefs inside your head, especially if you are a “celebrity” because you never know the time they will get back at you. The athlete paid a heavy price of supporting fascists even if she has no idea what fascism means. She is a 23-year-old Olympic (blonde) athlete that just executed her dream. The Olympic games.


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