Living honest, caring, sensitive and smart

Many changes, same person.

Warning to the readers:
English is not my mother language. Excuse me in advance about syntax errors.
If you may feel offended reading the texts of someone who does not speak perfect English you are free to leave.

I come from a little European country where the civilization was born a couple of thousand years ago. Greece.
The land of the glorious Alexander the Great, Leonidas, Achilles and Ulysses.
The birth place of Hippocrates, Socrates, Aeschylus and the great poet Homer. The land where Democracy was invented.
The country that our modern politicians managed to turn into a joke.

What is:
Stamatation is a new born phrase.
As a proud Greek I have the right to invent a new word myself!
Actually it is a determination of what I am.
It is the way I see things, the way I react to things, the way I am.

Who is:
My id doesn’t matter. It is not secret though for those who are interested. I make my living doing stuff mostly with my mind (most of the times using a pc too :) since ages.

All these years I have worked with and for large companies on technical and spiritual level and participated to build hundreds of websites, smart phone apps, games, interactive presentations and all these magical and interesting creations that compose what we call digital industry. My skills have to do with image manipulation, html development, flash animation, graphic design, sound processing, writing and mostly concept generating.

My motto is “be honest no matter what”.
This way you will never get exposed trying to cover a lie with excuses and people you “deal” with will always appreciate you. “Deal” is not business only. Deal is give and take. Trading money, feelings or time is “dealing”. I guess that living is the big deal. And living with honesty seems to be the best deal for me.

Simple things that make me feel good:
To make my kids smile (I am a family man too), playing with my guitar whenever I feel the need to (so I am a honest, family + sensitive man), making others feel good (so I consider myself as a honest, caring, sensitive, family man), brainstorming with colleagues (I play smart too, IQ tests rank me in the 5%), cooking (i am a passionate man in the end LOL), gaming when possible (fortunately, a child is still hidden inside my soul), drinking when thirsty and eating when hungry.
Weird comments the last two, someone would say.
I am a weird guy besides all the rest. If you don’t get the meaning of my last two “feels good” aspects, this blog and this character will be only empty talking to you. So don’t waste any more of your precious time here.

As a verdict, “Stamatation” according to my worldview, means honesty, sensitivity, caring, passion, weirdness, maybe smartness. After all I am free to think anything I want for myself and when I stop feeling special it will be my personal ending.
These are the tags that determine my existence and this is what this blog is about.
I’ll do my best to share honest thoughts and experience, trying to help those who honor me with their visit.

If you like this intro, you are welcome to follow and get to know better the “stamatation” way. I believe it will help you get richer emotionally and some of you financially too. These two meanings are about the same to me. It depends of which point you view things.