Image makers achieving miracles

When you start a career, the key element for your success is to prove that you are a phenomenon. Or at least that you are better than the rest. There are two routes to follow.
The road of virtue (that is to say be the best and let the others know about it) or the easy (and expensive) way: Personal marketing / image building by professionals. If you are very good, you may have a chance (i question this but i must leave a small crack of hope for the dreamers) some time in your life, but if not then you need an image maker and plenty of money to prepare the world for your uniqueness.

Lets take a theoretical example and add some humor in it so we don`t get bored.
Lets say you are a new knife thrower.
You must let the universe know that you are accurate and steady, your view is better than the eagle`s, you are healthy and you don`t drink or smoke.
That is to say build an image of a super hero of knives. That`s the easy part.
Stories about your father that was a hitman of the CIA during the cold war and your mother (half American half Japanese), daughter of a legendary Samurai and swords constructor see the light of publicity. As a kid you were lonely but strong and trusty, a mystery for schoolmates and teachers until you entered Army and disapeared for several years while rumors of a young American, expert with blades say that murdered the son of Bin Laden and his 12 special trained bodyguards.

Then you must create a sexy legend around your name like saving a girl from a certain cobra bite and ofcourse you married her after that (the girl, not the cobra), but she divorced you when she found out that you were in a secret relationship with Jeni Lo who couldn`t sleep without your presence as her no1 bodyguard and could n`t avoid falling in love with you in the end and so on.

Who will invent all the scenary, move the strings and pay the bills for you?
That`s right. The image maker.
He is more expensive than the best lawyer (he might be one though), more unknown than yourself (though he might have houses in London, Miami, Bora Bora and Tokyo) and he knows who to call and when. If he is not a fraud, the more money you give the more reputation you are going to earn. You will wake up and see yourself covering the Time Mag as “the Knife thrower of the century”, or top story at the People magazine as “the dangerous man that threw a knife at Britney`s heart”. Everything is possible if someone pays. And that someone is you.

Noone will care if you don`t even know how to cut your steak with a knife as long as some celebrities claim that wathced your private dangerous shows and still can`t forget that glow of your eyes and your sharp glipmse while you threw the knives one by one around the juicy body of Monica Bellucci as you were cutting one by one the fabricks that connected her nudity with her underwears.

Exaggeration you might say.
Just look around you and count those that matter and those that don`t. If you conclude that the useless but well known are hundreds while the real valuable people are some dozens do the math. They are treated by pros and here they are. Earning thousands of dollars every day doing nothing, producting nothing but gossips, selling nothing.
Of course the same image makers treat presidents, artists, terrorists etc.
It`s all about the image, about the power on the public opinion, about the money.

If you wish to create a legend around your name as the most deadly knife thrower ever, here is a start offered by me for free. Your first hit stabing a wasp 20 meters away. Pay a large scale blog to publish and there you are. So simple.

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