How i managed to quit smoking

How I managed to quit smoking watching a TV show.

First things first. 39YKR38Z49YJ
I don’t promote or support with any means the show man / mentalist / or whatever his job is / mentioned in this post. I am not a fun or a follower.
But I feel I ought big thanks because he helped me. I don’t care how he managed to do it, or if I did it myself. The fact is that before his show ended, I had quit smoking for good.

I used to be a hard core smoker.
I could never picture myself without a cigarette with my coffee or with my drink or working on my computer etc.
The cigarette was my best companion in every moment – joy or sadness – of my life.
All you smokers out there I am sure you know what I mean.
I used to prefer staying out in the cold than not smoke.
Stay hungry for decades, as long as I could enjoy a smoke instead.
Trying to cheat smoking even at places where you are not allowed to smoke.

I can`t forget an evening when i had to take a cab to go home and I entered the front door sitting near the driver.
We had this conversation:
– Man you stink!
– What are you talking about?
– You smell like you were swimming inside a pool of nicotine. I was a smoker too and now I can’t stand this awful smell. If you quit, you will remember my words.
I didn’t answer to the driver but I admit that this was an offending situation. He talked so straight though that left me no room to react. I was speechless.

When I start thinking to quit smoking?
As soon as I had my first kid.
I stopped smoking inside the house. So I start smoking less when I was at home.

And then it happened.
One night I was watching a TV show where the guest star was a guy named Uri Geller. He was talking with confidence and you could sense a positive aura around him. He said some strange things like how to bend a spoon with your mind and such stuff.
I had one or two drinks and start (as you can imagine) enjoy the show. By the way, I don’t get drunk with two whiskeys!
Anyway, just for fun, I put a camera on to record the moment I would bend my spoon with my inner powers.
Nothing happened.
After a while Uri said something about smokes. He talked about the negative consequences of smoking to the human body and ended his speech rumpling a box of cigarettes in his hand proposing to his audience to do the same.

I had a pack of smoke in my pocket and I just did it.
I smoke my last cigarette and I threw it away. I have never smoked again since then (October of 2004).

What actually helped besides the encouragement of Mr. Geller?
1. The fact that I wanted to quit.
2. That I had a sealed pack of smoke and a lighter hidden inside a drawer for ever. It is still there! I never used it but it helped me a lot – psychologically speaking.
3. The fact that I would be a negative figure for my kids (we were pregnant to the second child).

By the way, I hate watching parents smoking anywhere close to their children. Even when I used to smoke, if a child was around I would leave the room and enjoy my habit outside.
Some people even smoke inside their cars with the windows closed and the kids on the back seats!
I am sure you might be one of them. Stop doing it. It’s wrong!

My Uri Geller experience made me realize this.
If you are not strong enough to quit smoking alone, you need an inspiration, some kind of support. A friend, a doctor, an Uri.
A backup pack of cigarettes hidden somewhere in your house could help. Don’t use it. Leave it there. Forever.

I will not talk about the known benefits of a non smoking life. We are all aware of these.
And if you don`t, go back inside your cave and rot there.
I will say though that since i quit I don’t cough anymore, I don’t ache on the chest when I recover from a simple cold, I can climb my stairs without panting, I can eat a fruit and actually taste and smell it, I enjoy the aroma of my coffee and I sleep way much better (with or without company).

You are a strong human being and you let a stupid poison taking control over your life. Over your children’s life.
If you don’t care about anything else at least care about the money spent.
Gift the money somewhere if you don’t need it. There are families starving out there and you turn precious money to poisoned air.
Grow up for God’s sake.
I did.
And I feel good!

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  1. Great post. Good for you! I quit smoking as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my first child. Funny how that can change you forever.


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