Happiness in life. Do it your way.

Happiness in life won`t come with money. Do it your way. 

My experiences may help one of you to make the right decision and find happiness in life. I will talk a lot for myself but don`t rush to conclude that i am a stuffed shirt.

It`s been a while since the last time i wrote something here. I have been busy, nervous, confused. But it`s all gone now. Looking back to my life i realise one thing. I should by a very  grateful person because i have happiness in life. I realise that going into forties – i am exactly forty years old – i have made my craziest dreams come true.

Ok I am broke but who cares about money after all!

Our existence is much more valuable than money hunting. Our soul is too strong to lock it up with materials and small thinking. Think big, think divine!

Not all hours of the day can be creative and spiritual. But when the unique moment comes, grab it. Don`t let it pass no matter what.

My best scores up to now:

Rock and Roll!

When i was a kid, i was looking at the rock idols such Scorpions, Bruce Springsteen, Deep Purple, Guns and Roses, U2 and i felt i could be one of them. It would be great to become a rock star. So i bought a guitar and start writing my songs. What more natural than that for a fourteen years old guy! The journey in music had just began. The first step to bring me happiness in life was achieved.

Creating music is like making love with the person of your dreams. And even more. When i recorded my first song could n`t sleep for several nights. I only wanted to make my song better. I played it to friends and listened to their opinions. Year by year i was becoming better. At my eighteen i had already played to 3 bands, recorded several good songs, played on TV and radio and jammed to several stages playing from very hard rock to ethnic. And there was the black period of drugs. Not hard drugs but frequently enough to make your brain numb. “Comfortably numb”… Guys don`t use that shit. Drugs won`t bring happiness instead they will destroy all your creative thinking and make you feel like someone you are not.

We got very close to sign a contract but we kicked it. Chances don`t come every day in life. You must be ready to take advantage of it when it comes.

Anyway, i gathered a lot of experience and fun, i saw the good and the bad side of publicity in my small cycle of people, girlfriends etc. and i am sure that if i had gone the rock way i would be a destroyed creep now spending money on drugs and fucking every conceited bitch out there.

Web Design!

Somewhere between the rock fantasy and the after army hard landing to reality i met my woman. Crazier than myself, she made feel i was the best music talent of the century. After a period of serious self experimenting in music and mature song writing and recording i realised that i did n`t want to make music my job. I would n`t sacrifice something so pure for the shake of money. Not me.

So i learned how to design for the web. Don`t ask how, i was computer freak since my thirteen. Commodore, Amiga, first multimedia PCs etc. And then i got a job. Web design and multimedia was a job i was happy to do, i did n`t have to sacrifice anything and i had fun with it. Actually i still make a living out of it.


One day i got crazy! I decided to run free and make my own web services company. That is to say “insert.gr”. More self employed kind of business, i worked with the best in my country and some quite serious around the world and i managed to make a descent living. And then family comes. This was the second most important step to bring me closer to happiness in life.


This surely brought me happiness in life.
Two wonderful boys and two lovely little girls is the best payment in my boring life. This is my wealth and my legacy. We will make it through no matter what.

And one thing is sure, money will not make us happier and won`t make us better persons.

My own arcade game!

I managed to create an iOs game. A quite successful game according to global press and the experienced gamers out there. During its development with my “Legal Radiation” partner i had the best days of my life. It was a dream come true and when we ended and sent it on the app store, i must admit it was better that jamming!

Did it make me rich? Absolutely not. But it made me feel blessed that i managed to live this exciting experience. By the way, search this on google: “develop succesful ios game” and see what is in the first place! Such google results bring real happiness in life!

Super Company!

Then Zen Group arrived. Together with some very interested and talented guys we decided to create a technological company and make some serious money. We had the appropriate receipt to achieve it. After some great deals with the elite of Greek companies and abroad, top notch offices in the most expensive business area of Athens and future brighter than the sun, i got crazy once again and had to run away from the chains… once again. I left the company, gave away all my shares just to breath again in my own way of breathing.

From scratch!

And now again i live inside a dream! My wife had this weird idea to design clothing for burly women. Happy Monday Fashion  “Ρούχα για εύσωμες”. She created a quite impressive collection and i created an e-shop for her to sell the products. Then i started to communicate it and spread the word from within the web. And it goes well. Better than expected!

And i wonder. Am i a successful human being? Do i have happiness in life? Broke or not, i have conquered castles that other people can`t even dream of. I am full of happiness in life and my experiences are more than enough already. Sure i need to make some money to raise my kids with dignity but money making was never my main target. I won`t miss them and they will definitely not miss me.

My advice if a can give one to younger people is to always go after their dreams. Don`t live other people`s wishes but hunt down yours. Life is too simple to make it complicated and compulsive. Doing it their way equals problems. DO it your way equals happiness. As long as you hunt the money it will run away from you. When you start living your life doing things you love, money will follow. You may never become rich and famous but who cares if you breath deep and clear.


i write a fiction nowadays. This was one of the things i never had the time to do. Luckily some day i will finish it. It may become Harry Potter it may become a novel that will be read from ten people. WHO THE FUCK CARES! The matter is that in this journey i will live inside a world of fantasy and adventure where every character will do it my way! And this i will bring with me forever. And this is what i call happiness in life.

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