Greece survival benefits world

This post will prove that Greece’s survival from crisis will benefit the whole world.

What is the benefit for the world if Greeks survive Crisis?

I would like to approach the whole “save Greece” issue from a different perspective than usual.
I am not an accountant so i prefer not to talk logistics.
I will try and talk “logics” though.


I am Greek.
So it is quite easy for me to claim that Greece must be saved because it is the Country where civilization began. That is to say Democracy as we know it, medicine, science, philosophy etc.
Why should the rest of the world give a dime about the modern Greeks?
From respect to the ancient ones? This won`t work as an excuse to save us.


It is easy and true to claim that Greece is mounted on a very critical location in Europe and Balcans. Many aggressive nations with expansive political views, wanted to have a piece of this.
For merchandising purposes, fire power in case of war, tourism and wealth. There are official researches which prove that under Greece`s Aegean sea there are plenty sources of oil and natural gas.
Okey. And why Greeks are any better than others? It could be Italians, Turks, Russians. Give Greece’s administration to someone else. Nothing would change for the rest of the world practically.
This won’t work too.


Let’s try Mercy.
Many Greeks have lost their jobs, homeless people get more everyday, salaries are getting smaller while expences and taxes get bigger, families are starving. Not a nice thing to hear we all must admit.
But why the rest of the world should care about this?
In Africa people starving and thirst to death for crying out loud!
USA? Things are not better for most Americans as much as i am concerned.
No way to use mercy as excuse to save the Greeks.


The global economy will collapse.
I don`t do maths for a living as already stated but C’MON.
Are they any serious? It is Greece we are talking about.
Ten to eleven million people market.
After all if they wanted to save this bloody country why don`t they create some 300 – 400 billions (in the US they “invented” trillions) and just payout Greece`s national debth?
Anyway noone believes that the world`s economy depends on Greek funds and it will colapse. Even if there are some large investments and loans here, the world will survive economically speaking without Greece. Maybe the stockmarkets will have an up and down for a couple of days. And then funds and money talk will go back to normal.
This excuse won`t work either. Who buys that crap after all?
Unless he had a stroke the night before!

Are you ready to know the ONE GRAND reason that is enough for you dear reader and every thinker around the globe to state that YOU should vote THUMBS UP to the Greeks?

The hope.

If Greeks fall, so will the hope.
Not just “a” hope.
The one that gets humans inspired, heroic, genius, passionate, survivors, different, creative, free.
This is what the Greeks – and not Greece – is about.
Fall and standing. Get burned and blossoming.
Survived million Persians armies while they were 300 (Leonidas and his Men).
Survived the deadly poison through their unquenchable spirit (Socrates).
Survived four hundred years slavery by the Turks (compare with the 200 years life of the US and do the math) and recently (March 25 1821) managed to set free again.

If we fight we are winners even of we bankrupt.
Leonidas at his very last moments, right before he gives his last hopeless battle screamed at his men:

Spartans!!! Tonight we dine in Hell.

So do we fellow Greeks.
Some don’t “dine” at all if you know what I mean.

***This page is dedicated to all the Greeks that stay and fight everyday surviving INSIDE their country. For those who took their precious money and left, there is the unforgiving History waiting by the corner.

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