Create non ordinary greetings Christmas card

I wanted to create non ordinary greetings Christmas card to send to my clients and friends.
I needed this card to make a statement.
Not just another funny print but a card with a deeper meaning.

So I decided to include a message about the protection of the environment.
Actually I wanted to mention that sending printed cards is a bad thing to do.
It is surreal to send wishes written / printed on a piece of a dead tree.

The first question that came up was “ok, so I want to make a statement about the environmental protection and I am going to send a printed card?”
The answer was “yes” but this must be the last print I send.
There will be no more prints sent from me ever!

I have learned in my short life not to fall, never to give up.
But if I have to, I like to do it with a sound.
Because it is true that giving up your regular Christmas card sending, is like quit smoking. Creating your fancy greetings card has always been a very creative and happy procedure (at least for me).

I had to think of something that will smoothly pass from the usual printed card to the new era of digital / interactive cards that I was about to send from now on to my clients.
So I was not willing to avoid a last print.
Last… Print…
“The last print for Christmas” it is!
This was the motto of the card to be.
Very clear and direct message.
Let’s print this message to the last papers left on the planet (because there are no more trees to cut).
What kind of paper should I use to add some drama to this attempt?
– Toilet paper. Cool! Very sensitive material though.
– Piece of newspaper. OK, maybe some other time.
– Cardboard. Nice and strong material and leaded me to the final concept:
Used Cartons! “Now you’re talking the stamatation way” I whispered to myself.
So many pos+
Nice warm feeling the thick cardboard, you can stick the postage stamp directly on it without the need of an envelope, you can do very beautiful printing on it and it can support the whole concept perfect.

We designed this (me and Helen):
Design the layout of the Christmas card in photoshop
Motivating the card receiver to visit the website

And we created these three stamps to support our creation:
“FRAGILE”, “use a recycle bin to drop this, use a recycle bin to recycle”, and our cyclic badge “insert”.
The result of the custom made stamping

The interactive website which was supposed to support the last print would have the domain name:

This was the introduction:

Excuse me for using this cheap piece of carton this year but there are no more trees to cut.
I mashed them all.
Those I didn’t mash, I burned them to create new cities.
And those I didn’t burn, I turned to Christmas trees.

Under this short intro, I created (with the precious help of my partner programmer) a flash application where the visitor leaves a wish which becomes part of the wishes that other visitors left.

Here is the creation in photos:

At first I was standing there… thinking. And then I wrote down my thoughts !
Sitting there... thinking and then writting!

Then I bought the materials and whipped* some slaves to go on with cutting while I was supervising the project…
Then we cut the cartons

I made sure that the job was perfectly done and sent the cartons for printing
Perfect carton cutting

After the very nice screen printing we continued
Screen priniting on cartons

…whipping** some slaves to use the stamps and finalize the project
Custom made stamps for greetings card

Here is the final result
The result of the experiment Christmas card did well
If you didn’t receive one, here you are (virtually speaking :)
Create a greetings card with a message

* I lie. It was one man’s show except the fact that the printing was my friend’s Helen work (and the final design of the card too) and the photo shooting is work of Vicky, my wife!
** I lied again about using “slaves”. I had my hand aching for a week after this stamping.


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