Happiness in life. Do it your way.

Happiness in life won`t come with money. Do it your way.  My experiences may help one of you to make the right decision and find happiness in life. I will talk a lot for myself but don`t rush to conclude that i am a stuffed shirt. It`s been a while since the last time i wrote something […]

Image makers achieving miracles

When you start a career, the key element for your success is to prove that you are a phenomenon. Or at least that you are better than the rest. There are two routes to follow. The road of virtue (that is to say be the best and let the others know about it) or the easy […]

Olympians against racism

Every once and a while something happens to remind the world that some people treat bad to other races (racism) while others are sensitive and caring (?). An incident that happened to a young female athlete from Greece during the Olympic Games offered me food for thought. It goes like this: This summer in Greece […]

Branding like living

What is branding? And how it hooks up with living? I will tell you a true story. I have a country house in a lovely island in Greece. I use it to spend summer holidays with my family. The house is near the sea and it is surrounded by a beautiful rich forest. The perfect […]

Greece survival benefits world

This post will prove that Greece’s survival from crisis will benefit the whole world.

Poem about redefining our purpose

A Poem about redefining our purpose August 2008. North Evoia Island, Greece. 01:30   Or am I at fault for living so wrong? Clear Sky. Smooth dew takes the place of an intolerable hot and tough day. A tiny cricket sings close enough to be heard but far enough not to get annoying. Every time […]

Game Design Document in public

An original Game Design Document in public. Usually developers don`t expose their Game Design Document ideas and keep it sealed until some fund finally involves. Anyway, we act different.

Original greek salad recipe

I introduce you the most known Greek appetizer and one of the most famous summer delicacy around the world. The original recipe of the ancient, divine, tasteful, one and only Greek Salad. The Original greek salad recipe. A simple and inexpensive healthy dish for your family and friends. Warning Don’t eat this salad in the winter. […]

How i managed to quit smoking

How I managed to quit smoking watching a TV show. First things first. 39YKR38Z49YJ I don’t promote or support with any means the show man / mentalist / or whatever his job is / mentioned in this post. I am not a fun or a follower. But I feel I ought big thanks because he helped […]

Create non ordinary greetings Christmas card

I wanted to create non ordinary greetings Christmas card to send to my clients and friends. I needed this card to make a statement. Not just another funny print but a card with a deeper meaning. So I decided to include a message about the protection of the environment. Actually I wanted to mention that sending […]