Branding like living

What is branding? And how it hooks up with living?

I will tell you a true story.
I have a country house in a lovely island in Greece. I use it to spend summer holidays with my family. The house is near the sea and it is surrounded by a beautiful rich forest. The perfect place to escape city stress .

So, in a place like this, a normal guy would go swimming, climbing, easy living as long as he had the time to enjoy staying in Paradise. Not branding. But branding is actually living.

It was about 3 years ago, that i needed a name for a blog i was going to start with some friends. My brain was a mess. I hated every idea i heard or thought of.
One morning i woke up from the yelling of my wife. She shouted “O gosh, there are ants inside the sugar pot“. My first response was to shout back and say “C`mon, they won`t kill you. Just throw the bloody sugar and you will get rid of them!
That was it. I came up with a cool brand name for our news blog.
ANTS IN THE SUGAR “annoying but not deadly”. Just like writing the truth in a blog site. It will annoy some people but writing never killed anyone. You want to make people think, disagree, or even get annoyed by an article you write but you don`t want to hurt anyone. And you make this statement inside the title of your blog.

You don`t have to squeeze your brains to come up with a great idea. The idea will find you at the right moment. Whether on vacation, or in the toilet, riding your bike or having sex. The best things in life come when we don`t expect them. So act natural and you`ll be OK.
I am sure you would expect more blah blah for a such important subject as finding a perfect brand name but after reading tones of articles, that`s my true personal opinion.
Read a tone or just do it (like Nike says – and Nike knows!)

I will come with more examples. I must go swimming now and come with some ideas :)

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