Image makers achieving miracles

When you start a career, the key element for your success is to prove that you are a phenomenon. Or at least that you are better than the rest. There are two routes to follow. The road of virtue (that is to say be the best and let the others know about it) or the easy […]

Olympians against racism

Every once and a while something happens to remind the world that some people treat bad to other races (racism) while others are sensitive and caring (?). An incident that happened to a young female athlete from Greece during the Olympic Games offered me food for thought. It goes like this: This summer in Greece […]

Branding like living

What is branding? And how it hooks up with living? I will tell you a true story. I have a country house in a lovely island in Greece. I use it to spend summer holidays with my family. The house is near the sea and it is surrounded by a beautiful rich forest. The perfect […]