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Who (or even better What) Is

"Stamatation" is a new born phrase.
As a proud Greek I have the right to invent a new word myself!
Actually it is a determination of what I am.
It is the way I see things, the way I react to things, the way I am.

Who is:
My id doesn’t matter. It is not secret though for those who are interested. I make my living doing stuff mostly with my mind (most of the times using a pc too :) since ages.

My motto is “be honest no matter what”.
This way you will never get exposed trying to cover a lie with excuses and people you “deal” with will always appreciate you. “Deal” is not business only. Deal is give and take. Trading money, feelings or time is “dealing”. I guess that living is the big deal. And living with honesty seems to be the best deal for me.

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